EigenArt by Valentina Romen: pure Dolomites Art (for climbers)

Bronze climbers by Valentina Romen

Bronze climbers by Valentina Romen

The bronze climbers of the Dolomites

The daring climbers ascend the human body, cling to the rope around the neck, fix themselves as a brooch on the lapels or hold on to sweaters as a pin.

When a jewel is not worn, often it is simply put away. To give the object another life, the little mountaineer is hung in the photo taken by the artist of a rock and printed on aluminium. The picture it’s jewellery box.

The rock remains on the wall, the climber can leave for his excursion and returns home onto his cliff.

Bronze climbers by Valentina Romen     Bronze climbers by Valentina Romen     Bronze climbers by Valentina Romen

The climber is manufactured in bronze with the traditional lost wax casting. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, and the object made of it will tarnish with time. Cleaning is easy with mild soap, rinse with water, and dry using a towel.


Bronze climbers by Valentina Romen

Born and raised in the heart of the Italian Alps, Valentina Romen creates jewelry in her studios in Milan and Bolzano.
Valentina’s passion for art and architecture has led her to study art history and to travel the world, as well as to explore the boundaries of various creative dimensions. After many years of experience in the contemporary art scene, Valentina has evolved into an independent jewelry maker, expressing her creativity through carefully selected shapes and materials. Through filing and the use of flames, she creates each piece in her collection by hand. For Valentina, jewelry is not merely the fusion of metals, but rather the ideal concurrence of visions coming from distant expressive worlds.

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Buying an artistic creation of the Dolomites, our country, is the best souvenir that you can have!


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