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The southern Italy hiking program is thinked for hikers that like discover the authentic italian traditions and taste the original food. A guided discovery along a unforgettable landscape, forgoten medieval paths, wild forests and little mountain villages along the mediterranean coast. The best of Italy is here!

The program is structured in different thematical daily hiking tours combined with artistical attractions and gourmet tastes, all customized at your effective level of fitness. Our targets will be the mountains and coast of central and southern italy (from Rome to the southern regions).

The mountains of Terracina, Amalfi, Capri, Calabria and the Sicily are waiting of your personal exploration!

The following daily hiking tours, are only a first example of this enormous potential that actually is unknown not only at the foreign visitors, as you, but at the many Italians!

With these two demonstrative proposals, begin your personal program, that will be a "tailor made tour" that we discuss point per point.
Enjoy the vision of these landscapes and write me your preferences!



Arrive at Bolzano or in your preferred part of Italy at your hotel directly from your airport of origin. At the evening we meet us for a short organizative briefing where we check every aspect of the logistic and equipments of the trekking.


Hiking in Italy - Monte Circeo (Rome)

(2-3 hrs ascension from north side, 1,5-2 hrs downhill on east side) 

hiking in tyrol: you tube video

hiking italy

The ascension of the mountain of Circeo is a full immersion in a wild mediterranean forest with unforgettable views. Along the crest of this mountain are ruines and signs of prehistoric, etruscan and roman eras.

The tour it's not so easy... a very steep path with some scrambling sections on rocks is the continue characteristic of this ascension. But when we arrive at the top, a incredible 360° view is the best premium of this day!
For good walkers is possible continue along the crest on the south side to complete the great traverse (7-8 hrs of total time)


Hiking in Italy: Monte Redentore (Naples)

(2-3 hrs ascension, 1-2 hrs downhill on the same way) 

hiking in tyrol: you tube video

The Monte Redentore is located east nice town of Gaeta (north of napoli). The characteristic of this easy hiking tour is the constant and great panorama, from the first meter to the top we have a incredible large view at the Napoli north area and at many islands of the central mediterranean sea. 


Ok are you ready to discover the rest of this territory? Write me your request!


The best prices for via ferrata in the Dolomites



Watch my others programs for via ferrata in the Dolomites:

Via Ferrata for total beginners

A dedicated soft program for not trained people without hiking experience. Yes... why can do! Logically with a moderate program.

Via Ferrata for family

A tailor made program for families with kids, short and easy via ferratas, a pure enjoy for kids and terrified moms.

Via Ferrata trek in the Central Dolomites

The most classical via ferrata trekking, hut to hut, in the Dolomites in modular form: from 2 to 10 days

Via delle Bocchette (Western Dolomites)

The famous 3-5 days traverse of the Brenta group along the concatenation, hut to hut, of the Via Ferrata delle Bocchette.

Via Ferrata Cortina (Eastern Dolomites)

A modular program dedicated at the via ferrata around the Cortina area, from the easiest to the most difficult, the complete range of Via Ferrata of Cortina.

Via Ferrata trek in the Pale di San Martino (Southern Dolomites)

A long distance concatenation of via ferratas, hut to hut, in the Pale di San Martino, for trained hikers. 

Via Ferrata trek in the big walls of the Civetta (Southern Dolomites)

The most difficult via ferratas trek of the Dolomites, great walls, longest via ferratas, all for a unique experience!

Via Ferrata in winter, autumn, and spring at Garda Lake

The program dedicated at the winter, autumn, or spring possibilities. This modular program open a new reallity to climb via ferrata all round year.

The Via Ferratas of the First World War (WW1)

Different programs dedicated at the via Ferratas build during the World War One. From long and high altitude via ferratas, to short and easy via ferratas perfect for family with kids.