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hiking dolomites trekking


The hiking in the Dolomites, from hut to hut, is the best expression of the trekking in the Dolomite mountains. Walk in the Dolomites, day per day, is a unforgettable experience! The possibilities in a large and complex territory as the Dolomite mountains are infinite!

The most classical paths are the "Alta Via n.1, 2, 3.... until the n.8. These multi-days Dolomites treks traverse the territory in different areas along specific and thematic lines. But the Dolomites trekking that I propose you in this page is a unusual connection of different areas, from the most famous and touristic as Lavaredo to the wild Pragser Dolomites where the authentic traditions of this amazing mountains are better preserved. This hiking Dolomites tour is the product of 30 and more years of experience in my mountains: "the magic Dolomites"! It's a modular program, setted from 3 to 6 days, as you prefer, to discover the best Dolomite mountains!



hiking dolomites trekking

The day before you will arrive from your airport to Bolzano, per train (don't is necessary rent a car, is easy to go to my town).
At the evening (depending of your arrival time)we will have a short organisative briefing, at the reception of your hotel, where we check together the equipments and every salient aspect of your trek.


Hiking in the Dolomites - DAY1

From Sexten to Rifugio Locatelli (3 hrs trip + 3 hrs walking)

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hiking dolomites trekking

We start early in the morning from Bolzano with the local train and we arrive in about two hours in Dobbiaco. Then we take the urban bus to Sexten in Fiscalina valley where we start our tour. This day is relatively short, we walk about 3 hours to Refugio Locatelli. The reasons are simply but important: 1. Never begin a long trek with a intensive section. 2. We arrive at the super-famous three peaks of Lavaredo! you need have time to take many photos and admire this monumental three peaks! Overnight at the Italian Alpine Club Rifugio Locatelli.


Hiking in the Dolomites - DAY2

From Rifugio Locatelli to Rifugio Vallandro (7 hrs walking)

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hiking dolomites trekking

The second day of the trekking in the Dolomites is a long traverse in a great ambient! We start the walk with the north perimetral path of the three peaks of Lavaredo. Then we go downhill in the Landro valley and climb up at the opposite Prato Piazza mountains plateau. Here change completely the geological structure of this part of Dolomites. Overnight at the caracteristic and private Rifugio Vallandro.


Hiking in the Dolomites - DAY3

From Rifugio Vallandro to Rifugio Biella (7 hrs walking)

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hiking dolomites trekking

With a continuative changing of sides and paths, we complete in one day the traverse of the wilds Braies Dolomites. A local natural park with good preservation of the nature as the typical traditions of the local people. Overnight at the Italian Alpine Club Rifugio Biella.


Hiking in the Dolomites - DAY4

From Rifugio Croda del Becco to Rifugio Utia de Fanes (6-7 hrs walking)

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hiking dolomites trekking

One of the most famous extension of mountains of the central and eastern Dolomites is the Fanes group. In this day we begin with the ascension of the Croda del Becco (2810 m.) and then we continue with the traverse of part of the Alta Via n.1, that we follow until the deluxe Refugio Utia de Fanes where we have the overnight.


Hiking in the Dolomites - DAY5

From Rifugio Utia de Fanes to Rifugio Gardenaccia (8-9 hrs walking)

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hiking dolomites trekking

The most long day of the trek is this... But, along the path that we follow on the traverse of the Badia Valley we visit the most important and amazing Sanctuary of the Dolomites, the "Sasc dl Crusc"! A preistoric pagan sanctuary that now is a christian santuary in a spectacular allocation! Looks scenery of hollywoodian style! We arrive at the end at the Gardenaccia private rifugio where we will stay the last night.


Hiking in the Dolomites - DAY6

From Rifugio Gardenaccia to Bolzano (5 hrs walking + 1,5 hrs trip)

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The last day we follow a parallel line of the Gardena Valley along a lateral wild valley named "Vallunga", a last amazing edge of this territory: the Great Dolomites! We arrive at Selva in Gardena Valley and take the local bus to Bolzano.

hiking dolomites trekking


And last...have you many questions about this trek? Watch the thematic informations on the right column and don't hesitate to ask me your specific questions!

hiking dolomites trekking 

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