Is better a multi-days tour hut to hut or a sequence of daily tours starting from a fix base camp?

The questions and doubts at first time are many….

If you are at first time to organise your via ferrata holiday, is time to consider the best opportunities for this activity to choose the most appropriate solution for your expectative.
Every hiker at first time in the Dolomites need resolve this “first step” when organise the trip in Italy, in the next lines I try to explain the different typologies of resources about the via ferratas here in the Dolomites.

We begin to consider the two possible setting:
1. Multi-days hut to hut tour
2. Sequence of daily tours starting from your fix base camp


Via delle Bocchette Centrali - Brenta - western Dolomites


1. The multi-days hut to hut tour. A classic choose for many avid hikers!

From 3 to 6-7 days, this is one of the most classical solution possible here in the Dolomites. A very large disposition of Rifugios in every edge of our mountains permit us to organise hut to hut via ferrata treks, in line of sequence, day per day.
If you are particularly interested to live it with the evening Rifugios atmosphere, yes, this is your mandatory solution!
There are some aspects (positive and negative) about this system of via ferrata trek that you need consider in advance before your choosing.
The Rifugio life is amazing but need a bit of best your adaptation capacity…. sharing the room with other hikers, sharing the same showers and waiting it sometime in line, sing old german October fest songs with fat and drunk german hikers, and many others similar amenities…. are you ready for it? If your secret weapon is a “redneck spirit” yes, ok we can go!
Don’t worry is not so terrible…. the Rifugios in the Dolomites are “high elevation hotels”, logically are not 5 stars hotels, there are a bit spartan.
There are solutions of via ferrata treks for every level of training…. from the basic treks for beginners, example the Via Ferrata Trek in the Central Dolomites, an modulare trek from 2 to 10 days, to the most difficult via ferrata treks in the Southern Dolomites: Via Ferrata trek in the Pale di San Martino or the Via Ferrata trek in Civetta.

All depend of your personal experience and physical training level…. and logically from your personal expectative.
The mix of these elements will determine your final choose.


Via Ferrata Ettore Castiglioni - Brenta - western Dolomites


2. Sequence of daily tours starting from your fix base camp

Bolzano-Bozen have an optimal position in the centre of the Dolomites, where is possible move for every destination of the mountain territory with daily tours. Read more info about this focal aspect on my dedicated webpage. For this reason we can consider Bolzano-Bozen as the best “base camp” on the Dolomites!
From one to more days, as you prefer in maximal flexibility, we can organise via ferrata tour in the different ares of the Dolomites where we start and come back in my amazing town every day.
Combine the via ferrata tours with the touristic attractions and the “bella vita style” of Bolzano-Bozen is a great idea! Have you doubts? Try it!
This solution have one other salient aspect: you can visit different areas of the Dolomites to have a better basic knowledge, this is sure a good chose especially if you are at first time here and like have a general overlook.


dolomites general map link


via ferrata dolomites map


Lastly: Take your time to analyse these info to find your preferred solution, learn the info in my webpage and, in case, ask me directly per email more info. This is the right way to plan an amazing via ferrata tour!



Via Ferrata Dolomites: customised hut to hut treks in the Central Dolomites

Via Ferrata Dolomites centralThis proposal is in absolute the most flexible and complete via ferrata trekking in the Dolomites! Flexible because you can choose from 2 to 10 days of via ferrata trekking. Complete because you will cross with via ferratas all the central territory of the Dolomites.

Via delle Bocchette: modular trekking in Brenta Dolomites

Via Ferrata Dolomites western: Via delle BocchetteThe via ferrata trekking in the western Dolomites is a unique experience along the famous Via delle Bocchette. A concatenation of many via ferratas on the main crest of the Brenta Dolomites.

Via Ferrata Cortina: your modular program for via ferrata in the Dolomites

Via Ferrata Dolomites easternVia Ferrata Cortina is a multi-day modular program around the amazing and famous Cortina d’Ampezzo area, part of the eastern Dolomites. Via Ferrata Cortina combine a large range of via ferratas: from easy and short perfect for beginners to extreme long and difficult for expert and trained hikers.

Via Ferrata in the Southern Dolomites: hut to hut in the Pale di San Martino

Via Ferrata Dolomites southernThe southern Dolomites are the more extended area of the Dolomites, with many via ferrata long and complicated. We can traverse these Dolomites with the "great via ferrata concatenation of the Pale di San Martino"

The longest via Ferrata of the Dolomites: The Great Civetta Traverse

Via Ferrata Dolomites CivettaThe longest Via Ferrata of the Dolomites is absolutely the “Via Ferrata Costantini” at the Mojazza peak, and the most impressive (only a bit shorter) is some kilometres north: the “Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi” at the Civetta Peak. With this hard tour we will climb both!

Via Ferrata in autumn, winter, or spring: Arco and Garda Lake area

Via Ferrata Dolomites Arco Garda LakeA via ferrata weekend in winter is really possible, the program that you can read here, that I name “Via Ferrata Arco” and “Via Ferrata Garda Lake” is a realistic opportunity to try this fantastic experience of climbing in autumn, winter and spring.

WW1 - World War One in the Dolomites: Via Ferrata and Trekking

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 World War One / First World WarThe front line of World War One (WW1) cut the Dolomites in diagonally. Along the ruins of the mountain front we can do adventurous hut to hut trekking and climbing via ferratas. These proposals are impressive for every person, from easy hikers to experienced climbers.

Via Ferrata Dolomites: IFMGA logo


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