Learn the essential rock climbing knots for multi-pitch routes

Your essential climbing knots tying guide with easy and clear operations, learn the basic knots in some minutes it with funny draws.
The basic knots for rock climbing, necessary to know, if you climb with a mountain guide are only 3:


– The Figure 8 (eight knot)


Rock Climbing Knots          Rock Climbing Knots



– The Munter Hitch (or half-boatman knot)


Rock Climbing Knots



– The Clove Hitch (boatman knot)


Rock Climbing Knots



There are many other typologies of knots for different use, but if you know these three knots with good practice, you can operate with the climbing rope during your climbs for the 90% of the normal operations… this is logically good!

Take the terminal section of one rope, better minimum 6-8 mm diameter.
Click my draw here below, download the PDF version configured for the printers, print the 4 sheet and begin these operations with the illustrated sequence.

Logically at first time will be a bit confusion…. it’s normal…. but with perseverance and a minimal practice you will do in short time these essential knots!
This learning phase looks a bit difficult? Don’t worry try again!
The theory of the knots is really easy, difficult can be the practice because many person have a bad manuality….. but it’s not a problem, if you continue with perseverance you will have the right manual ability to do every knot, fast and correct!

Try now!

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