How to prepare clothing and backpack for your via ferrata trek in the Dolomites


It’s time to prepare and check the list of clothing and personal accessories for your Via Ferrata trek in the Dolomites.

How to choose the clothing and how to preprare the backpack for your first Dolomites via ferrata trek can looks a difficult selection, but it’s easier as you can imagining.

The information you will find below is the result of years of specific experience in this activity, available now for you, to make it easier for you to make the correct choice of what you will bring with you.

Consider that during the via ferrata trek in the Dolomites we will constantly be at a variable altitude between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level on the line of the European Alps. The average temperature will be similar to that of the same elevations/periods in the Rocky Mountains of the United States.

Read with attention the sequence of specific info here below:



Sturdy trekking boots, preferably high (no shoes that are too light, jogging or low on the ankle)

check the condition of your shoes carefully before leaving to avoid the surprise you see in the photo….

Trekking boots brocken       Trekking boots 1


Technical underwear according to your preferences

underwear t-shirtt-shirt long


Technical fleece according to your preferences



The wind-stopper vest (optional)

It’s an excellent item to use as an additional layer or as a single garment.

windstopper vest


Long or convertible (long/short) technical trekking trousers

Absolutely NO only shorts!!!!

convertible pants


Light duvet (optional in summer)

Definitely recommended if you are sensitive to the cold or in the months of the beginning/end of the summer and autumn seasons

light duvet


Good quality waterproof jacket (better in GoreTex)

gore-tex jacket


GoreTex overpants (optional but highly recommended)



Lightweight and thin cap that can also be combined as an under-helmet or technical bandana

light warm cap


Lightweight but durable gloves

light gloves


Sunhat and sunglasses (UV3… UV4 protection level only for glacier tours)

sun cap        sunglasses




Trekking or rather mountaineering backpack with a capacity of at least 30-40 litres

– NO smaller capacity backpacks
– DO NOT large backpacks of higher capacity
– NO city backpacks
– NO backpacks with metal or rigid backpacks
– NO trail running backpacks

backpack 30 liters capacity

We strongly recommend the rain backpack cover to be purchased separately for the dimensions suitable for your backpack


Spare clothing set organised in its own bag (25):
– (A) Long light trousers
– (B) Cotton t-shirt
– (E) Lightweight socks
– (C) Lightweight technical sweatshirt
– (D) Underwear

spare clothing set


Lightweight toiletry bag (1) consisting of:
– (5) Travel toothbrush
– (6) Mini toothpaste
– (7) Shower detergent
– (4) Mini comb
– (2) Lightweight towel

toilette bag set
IMPORTANT: do not bring other heavy toiletry accessories as they are absolutely NOT needed!


Water bottle or Camelback 1-3 L.

camelback 2-3 liters capacitybottle


Sheet bag
The use of a sheet bag is mandatory in every refuge in the Alps (not just in the Dolomites). You can buy it in many online sports shops specialized for trekking/mountains, or even directly in every refuge

cotton sleeping sack cotton sleeping sack


Sunscreen protection 50 in the small tube + possible supplementary lip balm.

sun creme little


Lightweight Flip-Flaps to place at the bottom of the backpack (NO heavy slippers… you will find these in every refuge).

flip flap


Electronic accessories for your cell phone to be placed in a single small bag:
– mobile phone charging with European socket
– Possible spare battery with charging cable

phone accessories


Mobile phone bag to be placed outside the backpack and safety cord.

phone and bag


Travel wallet bag containing:
– Passport
– Credit cards
– Euros in cash of at least €30 for each day for expenses and drinks in the refuges (remember that many refuges DO NOT accept credit cards)

money pocket


Any small bag with necessary medicines
IMPORTANT: let me know:
– if you have particular pathologies (cardiac, asthma).
– if you are intolerant to specific foods
– If you are celiac or you have specific food intolerances

medical case



head lamp


DO NOT BRING: heavy books even if it is your favorite reading of the moment……. The Kindle is highly recommended.

DO NOT BRING: IPads or heavy cameras (reflex cameras with lenses) or worse binoculars or any other non-useful and heavy accessory!!!!

DO NOT BRING: beauty cases for make-up!!!! Just the bare minimum for survival make-up. My wife recommends a good mascara and a good lipstick, nothing else.

DO NOT BRING: decks of playing cards or other board games as you will find them available in every refuge.

DO NOT BRING: bulky sports or trekking watches because they hinder climbing movements and you risk ruining them by scratching them on the rocks.

DO NOT BRING: too much food or too heavy food! Simply because it’s not needed.
In the Dolomites there are refuges everywhere and everywhere you eat well.
A few energy bars and a sandwich are enough to get us through the first day of any tour we are about to do. the

Remember well: DO NOT BRING anything else that is not really essential…


Let’s talk about health
It is your duty to notify me prior to your reservation if you have any particular or serious medical conditions. Cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological problems on the mountain can be fatal and put others at great risk as well. If necessary, consult your doctor and report any illness.

Are you trained enough for the tour you ask us about?
You will surely have read how many hours you walk and climb….. have you asked yourself the question: “are you able to participate in this tour”?
Only you can know…

And now that you are adequately informed and organised, it’s time to leave!

See you soon in the magical Dolomites!

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