Via Ferrata holiday: hut to hut trekking in the Pale di San Martino Dolomites

The southern Dolomites are the more extended area of the Dolomites, a perfect target for a via ferrata holiday, with many via ferrata long and complicated. We can traverse these Dolomites with the “great via ferrata concatenation of the Pale di San Martino”.
The Pale di San Martino are absolutely the greatest and important group of this large and wild area of the Dolomites. The attention of the first British pioneers was immediatly concentred at this impressive Dolomites walls and peaks, here was happen the most important phases of the mountaineer discovery of the Dolomites and was happen some heroic first ascensions of the history of our mountains.
Today the Pale di San Martino offer at the trained hikers a great via ferrata holiday that traverse this Dolomites group, from hut to hut, with a very impressive connections of long via ferratas on the peaks that saw pioneers of mountaineering. If you are ready for a special via ferrata holiday, don’t miss this occasion!


As first step: read the general info sheets linked in this page on the right bar and learn the territory to understand the geography of the Dolomites mountain areas and the entity of your transfers with the map here below (click the map to dowload it in PDF format):


Before all you need learn the Pale di San Martino mountain territory, study the map of this trek (click on the map to download the PDF file):


THE DAY BEFORE (your arrive)

Via Ferrata Dolomites: Bolzano panorama

Depending where you arrive, generally you will land in the airport of Venice or Milan or Bergamo or Innsbruck or Munich or..... it's indifferent! I will suggest you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. train, bus, or taxi.
When you will arrive in Bolzano we have a preparative briefing at the reception of your hotel on the evening. In this half hour meeting we will check all aspect of the next days tour.


DAY 1 – Via Ferrata Dino Buzzatti – Cimirlo peak

Approximate time: 8-9 hrs – Ascent: 1450 m. – Grade: medium

The first day is immediatly steep and long. The new via ferrata Dino Buzzatti climb the wild sections of wall and peaks of the south side of the Pale di San Martino to access at Rifugio del Velo. In alternative we can climb the easier (but not shorter):

Sentiero del Cacciatore – Cima della Stanga

Approximate time: 7-8 hrs – Ascent: 1450 m. – Grade: easy

In both cases is a great day as “overture” on these peaks.
Overnight at Rifugio del Velo


DAY 2 – Via Ferrata del Velo + Via Ferrata del Porton

Approximate time: 7-8 hrs – Ascent: about 1100 m. – Grade: medium

The combination of these two ferratas is the highlight of the traverse of the Pale di San Martino. A continue sequence of great views in alternace with great exposition points. Don’t worry is not too difficult…. is only fantastic!

At the mid day we can have a short lunch at Rifugio Pradidali to continue to Rifugio Rosetta where we will overnight.


DAY 3 – Via Ferrata Bolver Lugli – Cima Vezzana

Approximate time: 6-7 hrs – Ascent: about 1000 m. – Grade: difficult

This day is dedicated at the longest via ferrata of the central Pale di San Martino. We will descende at the Rosetta side to the approach of the big wall of the Cimon de la Pala and will climb this enormous wall to the peak of the Vezzana. Overnight back at Rifugio Rosetta


DAY 4 – Alta Via n.1 – Passo delle Sparangole

Approximate time: 8 hrs – Ascent: about 900 m. – Grade: easy

The last day of the regular traverse is along the Alta Via n.1 that complete this great traverse with a technically easy day but in any case long. Arrive at Rolle Pass.



If you would complete the full week we have two options:

DAY5 (option 1) – Via Ferrata del Canalone – Guglia del Rifugio

Approximate time: 3-4 hrs – Ascent: about 500 m. – Grade: very difficult

A short but technically very difficult via ferrata to complete this week with a nice lunch at Rifugio Treviso. (overnight at Hotel Can del Gal)

DAY5 (option 2) – Via Ferrata Fiamme Gialle – Croda Granda

Approximate time: 9 hrs – Ascent: 1500 m. – Grade: difficult

If you are strong, and after 4 intense days you have more energy…. this is a great final….. The Via ferrata Fiamme Gialle climb and traverse a south eastern side of the Pale di San Martino that is the wildest section of this mountains group.
(overnight at Rifugio Treviso)


Some final considerations….

This trek is sure dedicated at fit hikers. The technical difficulties of climbing are secondary at the physical aspect.

As you can see on the daily descriptions and more better on the linked videos: every day is a long and intense day!
Are you ready for it?

If yes, this is sure your best target on the Dolomites!



The best policy for pricing is clarity and flexibility. Are you agree?
For this reason here below you find a extended explanation of the prices in one single sheet, based at the number of days (X days) and at the number of persons (X Pers.)
Under the sheet you find elenced what is included in every price (accommodations, transfers, etc.).
Every price is consider per single PERSON based at the composition of the single GROUP that do the reservation, not at the final number of participant of the group.
At the moment of reservation you can ask to have a personal trek (without others participants) or to accept other potential participants.
The mountain guide can lead until 6 persons. If the guide combine more persons/groups together it will apply at every unity of reservation 20 Euro discount for every day.
Choose your preferred combination of via ferrata trek here below:


- My personal help for your vacation and travel logistics before and after the trek.
(this is a unique and valuable service: you can ask for help to best arrange any aspect of your vacation in Italy. A great help!)
- Full time mountain guide service during the reserved days.
- Transportation during the trek.
with my car which holds a maximum of 6 people plus me, or other local transport like buses. (cableways are not included)
- The nights of lodging in the rifugios during the trek, with half board.
HB = bed + breakfast + dinner. (lunch and beverages are not included)
- 2 nights of lodging in Bolzano at a Bed-and-Breakfast, one night before and one after the trek.
B&B = bed and breakfast. (lunch, dinner, and beverages are not included).
- All technical gear for climbing, as you need.
helmet, harness, crampons, kit for via ferrata, protective gloves for via ferrata, ice axe, trekking poles, etc.

Note: How reduce the costs?
If you are independent with your rental car and don't use the overnights in Bolzano the night before and/or after the tour, the prices are reduced proportionally at your requests.




  • Extra information (optionals)

  • Questo campo serve per la convalida e dovrebbe essere lasciato inalterato.

Via Ferrata Dolomites: customized trekking tours in the Central Dolomites - hut to hut (from 2 to 10 days)

Via Ferrata Dolomites centralVia Ferrata Dolomites: customized trekking tours in the Central Dolomites - hut to hut (from 2 to 10 days)

This proposal is in absolute the most flexible and complete via ferrata trekking in the Dolomites! Flexible because you can choose from 2 to 10 days of via ferrata trekking. Complete because you will cross with via ferratas all the central territory of the Dolomites.

Via Ferrata delle Bocchette: Brenta Dolomites - modular hut to hut trekking (from 3 to 5 days)

Via Ferrata Dolomites western: Via delle BocchetteVia Ferrata delle Bocchette: Brenta Dolomites - modular hut to hut trekking (from 3 to 5 days)

The via ferrata trekking in the western Dolomites is a unique experience along the famous Via delle Bocchette. A concatenation of many via ferratas on the main crest of the Brenta Dolomite.

Via Ferrata Cortina: your modular program for via ferrata in the Dolomites

Via Ferrata Dolomites easternVia Ferrata Cortina: your modular program for via ferrata in the Dolomites

Via Ferrata Cortina is a multi-day modular program around the amazing and famous Cortina d’Ampezzo area, part of the eastern Dolomites. Via Ferrata Cortina combine a large range of via ferratas: from easy and short perfect for beginners to extreme long and difficult for expert and trained hikers.

Via Ferrata Dolomites: The Great Civetta Traverse

Via Ferrata Dolomites CivettaVia Ferrata Dolomites: The Great Civetta Traverse

The longest Via Ferrata of the Dolomites is absolutely the “Via Ferrata Costantini” at the Mojazza peak, and the most impressive (only a bit shorter) is some kilometres north: the “Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi” at the Civetta Peak.

Via Ferrata Dolomites: Arco and Garda Lake: autumn, winter, spring

Via Ferrata Dolomites Arco Garda LakeVia Ferrata Dolomites: Arco and Garda Lake in autumn, winter, or spring

A via ferrata weekend in winter is really possible, the program that you can read here, that I name “Via Ferrata Arco” and “Via Ferrata Garda Lake” is a realistic opportunity to try this fantastic experience of climbing in autumn, winter and spring.

WW1 - World War One in the Dolomites: Via Ferrata and Trekking

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 World War One / First World WarWW1 - World War One in the Dolomites: Via Ferrata and Trekking

The front line of World War One (WW1) cut the Dolomites in diagonally. Along the ruins of the mountain front we can do adventurous hut to hut trekking and climbing via ferratas. These proposals are impressive for every person, from easy hikers to experienced climbers.

Via Ferrata for beginners: daily tours and personal programs

Via Ferrata Dolomites for beginnersVia Ferrata for beginners: daily tours and personal programs

If you are beginner on the reality of the via ferrata in the Dolomites, this is your program! I have thinked this proposal for hikers that are scared on the approach of via ferrata in the dolomites. Are you ready? Read it!

Via Ferrata for families with sons: personal programs

Via Ferrata Dolomites for family with kidsVia Ferrata for families with sons: personal programs

The via ferrata in the dolomites is a good proposal for a family holiday. Specially in the Dolomite you can find many easy and short via ferratas optimal for enthusiastic kids and moms with afraid. I can personalized your tour with others natural, historical or traditional attractions.

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