Important tips and practical aspects to know before the begin of the general organization of your travel in the Dolomites

The Via Ferrata information aspects are fundamental to organize your holiday in the Dolomites. The first mandatory step is focus the attention at the territory and the distances for your transfers from/to the airports, and from/to the different areas of the Dolomites. For this reason I have draw the easy thematic map here below (click on the map area to download it in PDF format).
Spend some minutes to learn this map and his basical info (click up the map to download the PDF format):

Dolomites information: a thematic sheet for every aspect of your travel

The Second step is: read the information of the thematic PDF sheets linked here below, in base at your interest or necessity. In these sheets you will find many answers at the usual problematicals of the hikers and climbers at first experience in the Dolomites territory.

And last: for your specific doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me per email.

Via Ferrata information: INFO1 - How arrive in the Dolomites: flights and airports

INFO 1: flights and airports

In the Dolomites is possible arrive from many airports, all depend from where you arrive and then where you go. In this webpage I have condensed the descriptions and the particularly of some of the most important airports around the Dolomites territory.

Via Ferrata information: INFO2 - How rent a car in italy, some suggestions

INFO 2: car, train or bus?

Depending at your travel program, the rental car can be good or bad option. Rent a car in Italy is a bit expensive, read here when is a good option and when no… and some precautions for on the italian traffic and driving style.

Via Ferrata information: INFO3 - How survive in Italy, suggestions for foreign independent travellers

INFO 3: survive in Italy

The first difficulty to overcome in Italy is understanding the “strange” organization of my country and the lifestyles of my fellow Italians. To new arrivals, Italy may seem like a big mess, especially for the logistics of travel. Do not worry …it really isn’t that hard.

Via Ferrata information: INFO4 - Your base camp in Dolomites, Bolzano the door of the Dolomites

INFO 4: your base camp in the Dolomites

Before and after your climbing trek in the Dolomites, you will pass in Bolzano. It is the central town of the Dolomites region, and the place where I was born and my family has lived for the last 100 years… or probably more. Consider some of these unique proposals to live the magic atmosphere of my town…

Via Ferrata information: INFO5 - Backpack composition and clothing set for the Dolomites

INFO 5: backpack and clothing

Here you find some suggestions to set your backpack and mountain clothing for a via ferrata tour in the Dolomites. The Dolomites are part of the south east side of the alps, where you find the typical temperatures of this chain of mountains.

Via Ferrata information: INFO6 - Mountain huts (Refugios), facts and organization

INFO 6: mountain huts (refugios)

The Dolomites mountain huts are perfect “high quote hostels” where you can live the traditional atmosphere of this country and taste the local cuisine, a mix of italian and german gourmet.

Via Ferrata information: INFO7 - Your safety in a short and practical manual

INFO 7: safety in via ferrata

Are you afraid for via ferrata of the Dolomites ? Don’t worry, the via ferrata in the Dolomites is the type of climbing most sure. Stay calm and read it with attention to understand the safety level and the two typologies of climbing. 

Via Ferrata information: INFO8 - Fitness and self-training organization (for beginners)

INFO 8: training for via ferrata

This is a specific info-sheet dedicates at the beginners. The physical training is basilar for your via ferrata tour in the Dolomites, don’t worry is easy to organize by your country some month before.

Via Ferrata information: Topografic Maps

MAPS: dowload the Dolomites maps

A great help for your via ferrata treks are the topographic maps: The “Tabacco Editor” produce “traditionally” the best selection of maps scale 1:25.000 for the full territory of the Dolomites. On the local books shops and in many refugios you find the paper editions of these maps, but recently they have publish a cellular phone app (very easy and intuitive) where you can buy the maps to use with the GPS funcion of your phone. The cost of the single maps is only some Euro.

Via Ferrata information: Your insurance for the mountain rescue "Aiut Alpin Dolomites"

INSURANCE: the Aiut Alpin Dolomites

Buy the insurance of the local mountain rescue: “Aiut Alpin Dolomites”
The Aiut Alpin Dolomites is the local “professional mountain rescue” operative in many area of the Dolomites. They have the best and super-modern helicopter where operate only professional staff. It’s a “no profit Association” that live with the contributes of the local government, of local banks and enterprices, and of many local people (as me). They sell a insurance for the rescue service valid for one year in every part of the Alps, click here to read more.

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