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Via Ferrata information: clothing for mountain and climbing



Here you find some suggestions to set your mountain clothing for a via ferrata tour in the Dolomites. The Dolomites are part of the south east side of the alps, where you find the typical temperatures of this chain of mountains.

In the Dolomites you can find summer hot temperatures as you find in the californian Sierra Nevada, or cold days as you can find in the central Rockies. For this reason the via ferrata clothing is the typical mountain clothing organized at layers.

In these years the sport shops offer one so large typology of mountain clothing that sometime is difficult orientate the choose.

Now we analize togheter, point to point, every component of our wardrobe for via ferrata trekking in the Dolomites:



The T-shirts of synthetic textile are all good. You need absolutely have this underwear clothing for multi day tour. Some brands produce "anti bacteric" syntetic textile for these T-shirts, are more comfortable of others. The price is not the difference.... I tryed many T-shirts of many brands, and for example: cheap and good are T-shirts of the Decathlon shops, the "DOMYOS" type are super good, and cost only 5 Euro...... In USA the REI shops have good similar products at similar prices.



The mountain pant have many type of consistence of the syntetic textiles, from super light to heavy. Choose what you prefer, in any case not too heavy (glaciers or ski-mountaineering models). Many clients prefer walking with short pants, in this case a convertible model of trekking pants long/short is a good solution.

Absolutely "NO only short pants" for two reasons:

1. the possible low temperatures....

2. the abrasive rock on the via ferrata...


Sweaters and fleeces

The fleeces are very important, light but warm in any case you need have! 



Personally I like very much the vest, special when you walk and the temperature is not so hot to stay only with the T-shirt, or when is windy. In the sport shops you find many models from the ultralight for the run to the heavy wind stopper models.


Windstopper jackets and/or Gore Tex jackets

Both are a good solutions, a light windstopper jacket is comfortable specially in high quote when you climb a via ferrata. The Gore Tex jacket (light type) is necessary for the rain. In case of low temperature you can combine both jackets.

Generally I have both jackets in my back pack, look the first foto of the page, Katia have my mountain guide windstopper jacket.


This is (in short) the basic clothing kit for a via ferrata trek:

1. Technical T-shirt and mountain soft-shell pants (not short pants please….)

2. Sweater

3. Combination of technical T-shirt and wind stopper vest

4. Combination of sweater and wind stopper vest

5. Wind stopper Jacket

6. Down Jacket (only on glacier treks or in winter)

7. Gore Tex (rain) Jacket…. always….



Via Ferrata Dolomites shoesThis image is very important!

In the Dolomites in the first part of the summer season we have always much snow!

(A) mountan boots and

(B) heavy trekking boots are appropriate shoes specially for the months of June and July.
In this period absolutely NO light trekking shoes

(C) Specially if you come for the Via delle Bocchette and/or the Marmolada glacier areas.

Only in August and September the light trekking boots (C) are ok!

via ferrata clothing

And last: see these two photos....

One photo is in summer and one is in winter.....

Katia is alway she and the clothing is the same..... when you have appropriate clothing the range of use is very large!

- Windstopper convertible jacket (jacket/vest) (A) 

- Microfiber technical mountain pants (B)


via ferrata clothing


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