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Dolomites information: the backpack composition for via ferrata trekking

The composition of the backpack for a via ferrata trekking is a problem for many hikers at first experience. In this page you find general indications about the composition of the backpack based on 30 years of my personal experience. 

In a via ferrata hut to hut trekking in the Dolomites you don't need carry much materials because the refugios are organised at best to welcome the climbers. Here you find food and bed as in a hotel.... 

Don't forgot that you need climb with this backpack, so is sure better a model small without many external pockets or accessories.

Look the photo in first position, and the lists below, then integrate with your personal effects, but carry only the essential effects! Not other....

Climbing on the via Ferratas of the Dolomites with a wrong and heavy backpack is a horrible experience....

How prepare it?  

Follow the suggestion here below to prepare:

A - The backpack for a multiday via Ferrata trek hut to hut.

via ferrata dolomites backpack

B - The backpack for a single day via Ferrata.

via ferrata dolomites backpack

General Lists

----- Personal basic elements (A) and (B) -----

1. Mountaineering backpack

- 20L for one day tour

- 30L/45L  for multi-days treks

2. Sun hat

3. Warm beanie

4. Warm gloves

5. Compact photo camera (not reflex cameras)

6. Glasses: sun / reading 

7. Bottle or Camelback 1-3 L.

8. Smartphone (*)

9. First aid bag (only for personal use)

10. Backpack raincover

11. GoreTex jacket

12. GoreTex rainpants 

13. Fleece sweater

----- Equipment provided by the mountain guide (A) and (B) ------

14. Helmet

15. Harness + Via ferrata set

16. Crampons (only for glaciers tours)

17. Ice Axe (only for glaciers tours)

18. Trekking poles (optional)

19. Protective gloves (optional)

----- Personal extra equipment for multi-days treks, only (B) ------

20. Charger + spare battery for smartphone (*)

21. Sun creme 

22. Head lamp

23. Pocket paper towels

24. Toiletry bag (*)

25. Spare clothing set (*)

26. Travel sack liner (*)


(*) see below the specific lists


via ferrata dolomites backpack (*) 8. Smartphone

If you use your smartphone (A) to take photos during the climbing in via ferrata (it's a good idea!) consider to have a bag (B) positioned on the right (or left) shoulder sling of your back pack.

The Smartphone need have a small security sling (B).... I have see too many and expensive smartphone flyng down the walls of the Dolomites for a accidental hand movement :-)







via ferrata dolomites backpack (*) 20. Charger + spare battery for smartphone

In every refugio you can charge your smartphone with your charger, remember that on the refugios of the Dolomites you vill find the standard EC electrical outlets (A).

A good idea is to have long connections cables (B) with small extra battery (C) to charge it without the risk to las your smartphone without control during the charging period.







via ferrata dolomites backpack (*) 24. Toiletry bag

This is really a very delicate and complicated argument especially for the women's... please be very essentialist....

On the basic toiletry bag you will have:

A) Comb

B) Shampoo

C) Toothbrush and toothpaste

D) Soap

E) Microfiber light towel



via ferrata dolomites backpack More essential will be the toiletry bag for 1-3 days (see this second photo) 

(A) Comb

(C) Toothbrush and toothpaste

(D) Microfiber light towel

(E) Liquid soap/shampoo 



via ferrata dolomites backpack (*) 26. Travel sack liner

Generally is better to carry it on the bottom part of your backpack in the original brand bag or in a small bag.







via ferrata dolomites backpack (*) 25. Spare clothing set

The spare clothing set is the most important component of your backpack, here you can't wrong the composition.

On the refugios of the Dolomites, after the shower, you need have only:

A) Light gym pants

B) Cotton T-Shirt

C) Light pullover

D) Underwear

E) Cotton socks








Watch my instructional video in Youtube about this argument  Watch my instructional video in YouTube about this argument 


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