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Via Ferrata for beginners - daily tours and personal programs


If you are beginner on the reality of the via ferrata in the Dolomites, this is your program! I have thinked this proposal for hikers that are scared on the approach of via ferrata in the dolomites. Are you ready? Read it!


Via Ferrata for families with sons - personal programs


The via ferrata in the dolomites is a good proposal for a family holiday. Specially in the Dolomite you can find many easy and short via ferratas optimal for enthusiastic kids and moms with afraid. I can personalized your tour with others natural, historical or traditional attractions.


Via Ferrata Dolomites: customized trekking tours in the Central Dolomites - hut to hut (from 2 to 10 days)


This proposal is in absolute the most flexible and complete via ferrata trekking in the Dolomites! Flexible because you can choose from 2 to 10 days of via ferrata trekking. Complete because you cross with via ferratas all the central territory of the Dolomites.


World War One in the Dolomites: Via Ferrata and Trekking

world war one dolomites cover


The front line of World War One (WW1) cut the Dolomites in diagonally. Along the ruins of the mountain front we can do adventurous hut to hut trekking and climbing via ferratas. These proposals are impressive for every person, from easy hikers to experienced climbers.


Via Ferrata delle Bocchette: Brenta Dolomites - modular hut to hut trekking (from 3 to 5 days)


The via ferrata trekking in the western Dolomites is a unique experience along the famous Via delle Bocchette. A concatenation of many via ferratas on the main crest of the Brenta Dolomite.


Via Ferrata in Arco and Garda Lake: autumn, winter, spring

Via Ferrata in Arco and Garda Lake


A via ferrata weekend in winter is really possible, the program that you can read here, that I name “Via Ferrata Arco” and “Via Ferrata Garda Lake” is a realistic opportunity to try this fantastic experience of climbing in autumn, winter and spring. 


Via Ferrata in the Eastern Dolomites - hut to hut trekking


Around Cortina d'Ampezzo are the eastern Dolomites. The great walls that you see in the classic post cards or in famous posters of the Dolomite! Here the via ferrata trekking is caracterized on big peaks. This proposal is good for strong hikers without afraid of exposure on the wall.


Via Ferrata in the Southern Dolomites - hut to hut trekking


The southern Dolomites are the more extended area of the Dolomite, with many via ferrata long and complicated. We can traverse these Dolomites with the "great via ferrata concatenation of the Pale di San Martino". The best and impressive group of mountains of this area.