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Via Ferrata in Arco and Garda Lake: autumn, winter, spring

Via Ferrata in Arco and Garda Lake


A via ferrata weekend in winter is really possible, the program that you can read here, that I name “Via Ferrata Arco” and “Via Ferrata Garda Lake” is a realistic opportunity to try this fantastic experience of climbing in autumn, winter and spring. 

The Garda lake area have two important aspects: a mediterranean microclimate and many via ferrata of different difficulty and length. Both aspects permit us to climb these via ferrata in the "bad seasons". Arco and Garda Lake are a traditional winter place for many climbers of Europe.

Read below the proposals and don't hesitate to contact me to elaborate togheter, your personal program for a period or simply for a long weekend.



In autumn and in the spring we can climb every via ferrata in Arco and at Lake Garda. No limits for the length of for the difficult. In the central part of winter (december- february) 75% of these via ferratas are free of the snow and we can climb it.



It's very easy because now are many low cost flights that land at the Verona airport and at the Bergamo Orio al Serio airport. Read my specific sheet about the airports and transfer



You will arrive at your airport and take the combination of train-bus to arrive in Arco. If you prefer I can catch you directly at the international flight exit of the airports of Bergamo or Verona. We need consider togheter the best solution.



We can set your prefered number of climbing days, from 2 to 7, Every day we can climb a different via ferrata in the Arco area or in the Lake Garda area, these are the possibilities:



(autumn/winter/spring) - 2,5 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video 

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Arco Monte Colodri

The easier via ferrata of this area, is a perfect solution for beginners where I can teach you every salient aspect of this art of climbing. A good point to introduce you on the vertical reality.



(autumn/winter/spring) - 4/5 hrs

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Contrabbandieri

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Contrabbandieri

This tour on the walls near Riva del Garda is not properly a via ferrata. At the begin of 1900, the government had the idea to build a road to connect Riva with the southern areas of the Garda lake. The first idea was to build this road, from Biascesa town at a medium elevation of 200 m on the long walls of the lake. It was build a test ledge to value this possibility.... but was a crazy idea, difficult for the realization. So, in a second time, was build the road of the "Gardesana occidentale" at the level of the lake (easier and not so expensive). The "Sentiero dei Contrabbandieri" was abbandoned and today is possible walk (and in some sections climb) along this artificial and exposed ledge!..... in some part very scary!!!

A perfect winter hiking (and climbing) day, in a fantastic ambient. 




(autumn/winter/spring) - 4/5 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Fausto Susatti Cima Capi

The via ferrata of Cima Capi in original of the First World War, a incredible and exposed via ferrata along the crest of the Cima Capi at the Garda Lake offer us a easy climbing in some point exposed. Climb this via ferrata ia as visit a museum of WW1 with bunkers and trench located in incredible positions. This via ferrata is one of the most classical target of the Garda Lake. A unforgettable panorama is guaranteed!



(autumn/spring) - 7-8 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Cima SAT

The via ferrata at the Cima SAT is the most exposed of the Garda Lake. A long succession of vertical iron ladders lead us to the top of this long via ferrata with a incomparable view at the town of Riva del Garda.



(autumn/winter/spring) - 4/5 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Monte Albano

This climbing route was the first sport climbing via ferrata of Europe. It was recently and completely renoved, now is not so difficult as some year ago, but in any case is very exposed and sure is athletic. Perfect for people looking adrenaline



(autumn/spring) - 5/6 hrs

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Gerardo della Sega

In one of the most wild internal valleys of the Garda Lake mountains we find this unusual via ferrata that climb into a impressive and enormous overhanging basin. It's a joke of the nature, how can stay up a so big overhanging of rocks? Only if we climb it we can comprise.



(autumn/spring) - 5/6 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Arco Lake Garda Rino Pisetta

The Via Ferrata Rino Pisetta is the most difficult of the Arco - Lake of Garda areas. A continuos vertical wall for more of 400 meters end with a absolutely exposed pillar. Only for athletic people looking adrenaline. The gear of this via ferrata was recently renoved and now is brand new and total safety.



(autumn/spring) - 7/9 hrs

Via Ferrata Arco Lake Garda Monte Casale

The via Ferrata Che Guevara is absolutely the longest of this area of the Dolomites. It extend into a 1000 meters big wall. Is not difficult but it required trained hikers ready for a long trip in the vertical reality. It’s a great experience!



(autumn/winter/spring) - 2/3 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Arco Lake Garda Rio Sallagoni

This via ferrata is the best targhet for families with kids, look the video! A short climbing with amazing and impressive part but not difficult and sure in total safety.



(autumn/spring) - 4/5 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Arco Lake Garda Burone Mezzocorona

Similar at the Rio Sallagoni, this via ferrata is perfect for families with kids. In adjunct, the Via Ferrata Giovanelli, climb into a impressive canyon into the big wall of the Burrone di Mezzocorona.



(autumn/spring) - 6/7 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Favogna

A solar big wall is the characteristic of this long via ferrata, never difficult have a long envelopment into the wall of Favogna. At the final part, climb under a big overhanging rock structure with great panoramas.



(autumn/spring) - 4/5 hrs  

via ferrata lake garda video

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Rio Secco

The local people name this via ferrata simply "Rio Secco" (Dry Creek). It's a typical example of via ferrata of medium difficult with some athletic sections. This climb go along a waterfall line that for many months is dry.



On the north side of the Garda Lake, especially in the area of Arco, you can find many nice accommodation, I suggest you the following solutions of B&B and Farmhouse, but if you prefer others typologies of hotels, write me your specific preference. I can help you in the right choose.

La Lanterna

via ferrata lake garda

La Lanterna, in first position, is a notorious meeting point of the the climbers. Bar, pizzeria and restaurant, this characteristic solution offer you some rooms in B6B and a large apartment. The position is very quite, good for the rest after intense climbing days.

Maso Benuzzi Oberhofer

Maso Benuzzi Oberhofer Lake Garda Dro

Is a B&B some kilometers north of Arco with a friendly managament.

Maso Lizzone

via ferrata lake garda Maso Lizzone

The Maso Lizzone is simply one of the best B&B in farmhouse of the Arco area.

Villa Bellaria

Via Ferrata Arco Lake Garda Villa Bellaria

The Villa Bellaria is a B&B and apartment in the Town of Riva del Garda. I suggest this solution if you prefer the vicinity of the Lake.

The solutions continue... write me your preferences, write me your dates, how many participants…. and the adventure start! 


The best prices for mountain guide service in the dolomites



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