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Via Ferrata for families with sons - personal programs


The via ferrata in the dolomites is a good proposal for a family holiday. Specially in the Dolomite you can find many easy and short via ferratas optimal for enthusiastic kids and moms with afraid. I can personalized your tour with others natural, historical or traditional attractions.

Are you looking for an amazing holiday in mountain with your family? This is the right web page. The proposal that you read below was structured in base at many year of experience in the turistic mountain sector and in climbing activities for kids/youngs.

What you like to do to increase the experience of your sons? The answer is easy:

- amazing outdoor activities

- interesting cultural attractions

In substance my proposal is articulated in these two lines of activities, but the difference is that you can build, day per day, your personal program with me.

Here you find 5 daily ideas to elaborate your customized program. Read it and then contact me per mail or skipe.

Remember: here don't find a standard program but only "your personal program".



Depending from where you arrive, generally landing in the airport of Venice or Milan or Bergamo or Innsbruck or Munich or..... it's indifferent! In any case I arrange for you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. Train, bus, or Taxi. When you arrive in Bolzano we have a preparative briefing by your hotel on the evening. In this half hour meeting we check all aspect of the next days tour.


1. VIE FERRATE DAYS FOR KIDS/YOUNGS (and terrified moms)

Don't worry the via ferrata is the best and most safety experience to approach the rock climbing. Every person (in a age between 7 and 70 years) can climb a easy via ferrata.

Around Bolzano there are many easy and short via ferratas to begin your soft approach at the vertical world.

Generally I begin with the Via Ferrata Dolomites Video Via Ferrata Col Rodella, a short via ferrata in the south wall of this peak in the central Dolomites. Here we have lot of time to learn the via ferrata climbing technic and last to enjoy our specialities at the rifugio (mountain hut) of the peak.

The via ferrata experience continue with a second via ferrata day, the Via Ferrata Dolomites Video Via Ferrata Roda de Vaèl, here we climb a big peak of the Dolomites along the easy north-south crest and visit one other very nice, and historic important, mountain hut: the Rifugio Roda de Vaèl.

Both via ferratas have a good ergonomy for kids.

Do you like climb other via ferratas? In the Dolomites we have about others 600.... ask me more info.



Have you never tried the rock climbing? No? Don't worry try it! "The family climbing course" is a fantastic and unforgetable experience for all. In this day we have two solutions: indoor or out door. In any case is a great day!

If the weather is good we go on the Sella Pass in the central Dolomites where is the famous "City of rocks", a big rock blocks area formed at the end of the era of the "Wurm glaciation". Now is a extendend rock blocks labirinth, a perfect rock school. About 60 different of these rock block are setted for climbing school.

We spend all day to learn the ABC of the climbing technic and rope manouvres. Don't loose this proposal.... and ask me more info!



This is a inusuale cultural day, a mix of bicycle and visits of castles. Read it, is realistical amazing!

The day start in Walter square in the centre of the old town of Bolzano. Here we rent the rental bikes and go on the north bicycle path in direction to the first castle. Runckestein, we arrive here in about 30 min. We park the bicycles here and in 10 min of steep road we are at the door of this particular Castle. Runckelstein is famous for the internal frescos panting and because this castle conserved a original medioeval form located in a impressive rock peak.

For the visit we spend about one hour, then we continue with the bicycle path in direction south. In short time we see south of Bolzano the large form of the Sigmundskron (or Firmian castle), this is the biggest castle of South Tyrol. Before was a preistoric castle, then a Roman fort, then a medioeval castle, then a military fort, and now is a "mountaineering museum". Now in the internal spaces of this large castle is located the "Reinold Messner Mountain Museum". We arrive in 1 hour by bicycle.

Before the visit we have the lunch in the caracteristical restaurant of the castle, then we spend sure 3 hours to visit the museum and this big castle. At end we come back in Bolzano with the same bicycle path to Walther square.

In one day we visit two great castles and go about 2 hours in bicycle, no bad as proposal....

Do you like visit others castles? In South Tyrol we have about 200 medioeval castles, many of these are private but about 50 is possible to visit.... ask me more info!

Via Ferrata Dolomites family trekking



A long diagonal line of trenches and bunkers cut all territory of the Dolomites. It was the first line of the front during the WW1.

When I was kid I went with many friend on the mountain to collect part of the military remains, munitions and bombs, It was sure more dangerous of the mountain guide work....

We don't had videoplays and this activity was our summer play on the age of 7-12 years... Have a hiking day on the mountains, theatre of the battles of the WW1 is a very interesting and instructive experience not only for your sons.

Don't worry we don't collect explosives.... we visit only the impressive constructions of the front of the WW1 along crests and peaks.

This proposal is possible have in one single hiking day or in a hut to hut multiday trekking, ask me more info.




Have you never tryed to milking a cow? Have you never prepared the cheeses? Try it!

Every mountain town in the Dolomites have a municipal mountain farm, it's a public high quote mountain farm, where the farmer send his cows in holiday :-)

The cows stay from mid june to mid september in these public mountain farm, during this period the farmer families can work the fields. This is a old social organization that is particular in the Dolomites valleys.

One day we can visit one of these mountain farm, milking the cows, learn how prepare the cheese, have a short hiking in the farm territory, have the lunch with the local specialities and discover this traditional reality. Ask me more info.


The best prices for via ferrata in the Dolomites


The best prices for mountain guide service in the dolomites



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Via delle Bocchette (Western Dolomites)

The famous 3-5 days traverse of the Brenta group along the concatenation, hut to hut, of the Via Ferrata delle Bocchette.

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A modular program dedicated at the via ferrata around the Cortina area, from the easiest to the most difficult, the complete range of Via Ferrata of Cortina.

Via Ferrata trek in the Pale di San Martino (Southern Dolomites)

A long distance concatenation of via ferratas, hut to hut, in the Pale di San Martino, for trained hikers. 

Via Ferrata trek in the big walls of the Civetta (Southern Dolomites)

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The program dedicated at the winter, autumn, or spring possibilities. This modular program open a new reallity to climb via ferrata all round year.

The Via Ferratas of the First World War (WW1)

Different programs dedicated at the via Ferratas build during the World War One. From long and high altitude via ferratas, to short and easy via ferratas perfect for family with kids.