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world war one dolomites trekking


This proposal is available for every person. Aged people or families with kid can participate without problem. Every day we walk and climb easy via ferrata in differents areas of the Dolomites and visit the front line with short hiking tours. 


The artillery observatory of the Cinque Torri (Italian line)

This tour is possible have in summer as winter (with the snow shoe) but in summer is sure amazing because after the walking section in the trenches we can try to climb on the fantastic rock blocks of the Cinque Torri: the most famous natural climbing school of the Dolomites




The tunnel of the great mine of the mount Lagazuoi

This tour climb up the peak of the Lagazuoi mountain with the "Kaiserjaeger path" (the Austrian-Hungarian mountain troops) with a short and easy via ferrata section (150 m) and a impressive suspended bridge! 650 m up in about 3 hrs. Good restructured track but constantly steep. On the middle section we arrive at the border of the enormous mine crater. At the top we find the Refugio Lagazuoi where we can have a exelentes lunch with the local specialities. After the lunch we go down in the other side into the italian tunnel of the great mine. 1,5 km with the front lamp. A impressive spiral tunnel go into the mountain until the base of the big wall of the Lagazuoi. No comment about this unique human work in the military history.....




Along the trenches of the battle of Mount Piana

The Mount Piana is one other impressive site of battle with a labyrinth of trenches and easy via ferrata. The particularity of this area is the vicinity with the famous "Drei Zinnen of Lavaredo".... a great panorama! We can set this tour long or short in base at your preferences, but in any case we end at the Refugio Monte Piana, to taste the home specialities.





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