World War One Dolomites: the best modular via ferrata trekking tour in the Pasubio Dolomites (1 to 6 days)

Along the most impressive climbing paths of the WW1 front lines trenches

The World War One front line in the Dolomites was began on the Pasubio mountains, the group of the Dolomites in the southwest area. For strategic reasons and for a particular geographical conformation, the Pasubio mountains (three separate groups of mountains) was the theatre of the most cruent combat field of the First World War.
The medium elevation of these mountains is between 1800 and 2000 meters. For this reason we can walk and climb until October/November with dry weather and a fantastical view at the veneto region, sometime until Venice. The period of activity in these mountains go from may to the begin of November, sometime more. You can explore this extended area of the mountain first line of the front with a modular via ferrata program where you can decide the number of days… from 2 to 6…. how you prefer.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 9    Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 10

We will have our “base camp” at the Rifugio Campogrosso (a gourmet refugio with double rooms with bath).
Read below the short description of every via ferrata and look the linked videos to find your preferred combination for this modular via ferrata tour:


The easy access at the Dolomites is the focal point of my town: Bolzano "the door of the Dolomites". Lear the best combination for your arrival and departure flight and the transfers by train or rental car, but... more important: ask me every logistical info you need. I'm here to help you to find the best solution.
(click the map here below to enlarge it at full screen)


The Pasubio Dolomites have a complicated geography, take your time to learn the two maps here below to localise the position of the different via ferratas and the rifugios (click on the areas of the maps to download the PDF file):


The day before (your arrive)

Depending where you arrive, generally you will land in the airport of Venice or Milan or Bergamo or Innsbruck or Munich or..... it's indifferent! I will suggest you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. train, bus, or taxi.
When you will arrive in Bolzano we have a preparative briefing at the reception of your hotel on the evening. In this half hour meeting we will check all aspect of the next days tour.


World War One Dolomites DAY 1

“Sengio Alto” ridge and “Via Ferrata del Monte Cornetto”

Walking to the approach: 1.30 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 1.00 hrs
Downhill path: 2.00 hrs
Total time of this day: 4.30 hrs – Total vertical gain (up): 750 m.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 5

In this day we traverse the long and exposed military path of the Sengio Alto “Sentiero di Arroccamento” and climb the short via ferrata of the main elevated peak: “The via Ferrata del Monte Cornetto”. This is a propaedeutic day to learn the via ferrata climbing technique and familiarize with the exposure on the walls.


World War One Dolomites DAY 2

“Via Ferrata Falcipieri” at the 5 peaks of Pasubio

Walking to the approach: 0.30 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 5.00 hrs
Downhill path: 2.30 hrs
Total time of this day: 8.00 hrs – Total vertical gain (up): 900 m.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 8

We climb the long Via Ferrata Falcipieri at the “5 Cime of the Monte Pasubio” arrive at the Refugio Papa and walk back along the “Strada delle 52 Gallerie” a incredible military road builded under the vertical southern border of the Pasubio plateau, to protected the supplies transport from the austrian artillery shot. Today this road is a Italian National Monument of WW1.


World War One Dolomites DAY 3

“Via Ferrata Vajo Scuro” (the dark gully)

Walking to the approach: 1.00 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 3.00 hrs
Downhill path: 1.00 hrs
Total time of this day: 5.00 hrs – Total vertical gain (up): 700 m.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 2

The Via ferrata Vajo Scuro (the exact traslation is: Vajo = rock gully, Scuro = dark) is the most interesting and difficult via ferrata of the Pasubio mountains. With this via ferrata we arrive directly at the second line of the front of the Carega peak in a great panoramic position and climb back along the trenches.


World War One Dolomites DAY 4

“Via Ferrata Campalani” Carega peak

Walking to the approach: 2.30 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 1.30 hrs
Downhill path: 2.30 hrs
Total time of this day: 7.30 hrs – Total vertical gain (up): 811 m.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 7

The combination of the climbing gully of the “Vajo dei Colori” + the Via Ferrata Campalani at the Carega Peak is one other great target of these mountains. A complex climb into a very wild area. With the clear days of autumn is possible see Venice from the peak of the Carega where in a confortable refugio only 100 meters under the peak we can drink a tee. A memorable day!


World War One Dolomites DAY 5

Via Ferrata “Sentiero attrezzato Pasquale Baglioni”

Walking to the approach: 1.30 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 2.00 hrs
Downhill path: 2.30 hrs
Total time of this day: 6.00 hrs – Total vertical gain (up): 788 m.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 4

The Via Ferrata “Sentiero attrezzato Pasquale Baglioni” is the new entry of the via ferratas of the Pasubio. It was completely restaured the old military path to the Cosmagnon Pass, access at the most hot first line section of the Pasubio plateau, with a adjunct in via ferrata. A amazing experience in a wild and impressive area.


World War One Dolomites DAY 6

Via Ferrata “Sentiero attrezzato Corno Battisti”

Walking to the approach: 2.00 hrs
Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 2.30 hrs
Downhill path: 3.30 hrs
Total time of this day: 8.00 hrs – Total vertical gain (up): 1112 m.

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Pasubio 1

The Via Ferrata “Sentiero attrezzato Corno Battisti” is in a forgotten and wild area of the Pasubio. Until some years ago, was completely abandoned. The recent restaurations work permit us to visit now this impressive section of the front along exposed positions and along a tunnel escaved into the “Corno Battisti” mountain”. A really impressive combination!


Read the recensions of my clients in Google My Business

Dolomites mountain guideClick this link to check my Google My Business account to read the impressions of many of my "aficionados clients". The impressions that you can read here are the most real and clear in comparison of every other recension webpage online. Google My Businnes is the best and most independent autority in this branch of info.


The best policy for pricing is the clarity and flexibility. Are you agree?

For this reason here below you find an extended explanation of the prices in one single sheet, based at the number of days and at the number of persons of your request.

Under the sheet is explained what is included in every price (accommodations, transfers, equipments, etc.).

Every price is consider per single person based at the composition of every single group that do the reservation.

At the moment of reservation you can ask to have a personal trek (without others participants) or to accept other potential participants.

If you accept others participants, the guide can combine more persons together of similar levels and it will apply, at every unity of reservation, 20 Euro discount for every day.



- My personal suggestions for your vacation in Italy and for the travel logistics before and after the trek.

(this is a unique and valuable service: you can ask for help to best arrange any aspect of your vacation in Italy).

- Full time mountain guide service during the reserved days.

- Transportation during the trek.

with my car which holds a maximum of 6 people plus me, or other local transport like buses. (cableways are NOT included)

- The nights of lodging in the rifugios during the trek, with half board.

HB = bed + breakfast + dinner. (lunch and beverages are NOT included)

- 2 nights of lodging in Bolzano at a Bed-and-Breakfast, one night before and one after the trek.

B&B = bed and breakfast. (lunch, dinner, and beverages are NOT included).

- All technical gear for climbing, as you need.

helmet, harness, kit for via ferrata, protective gloves for via ferrata, ice axe, crampons, trekking poles, etc.


Note: How reduce the costs?

If you are independent with your rental car and don't use the overnights in Bolzano the night before and/or after the tour, the prices will be reduced proportionally.




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World War One in the Dolomites: Easy Trekking with easy Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 easyThis proposal is available for every person. Aged people or families with kid can participate without problem. Every day we walk and climb easy via ferrata in differents areas of the Dolomites and visit the front line with short hiking tours.

World War One in the Dolomites: The great Via Ferrata Trekking

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 MarmoladaThe combination of the via ferrata of the west crest in Marmolada and the Mount Padon is the hardest World War One of the Dolomites. Both via ferratas are originally of the First World War and was part of the first line of the front.

World War One in the Dolomites: The best Via Ferrata of the Garda Lake

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 Garda LakeIf you have a short time (one day) and your period is not in summer this proposal is for you! The via Ferrata Susatti at the mount Cima Capi is amazing and easy via ferrata directly at the Garda Lake.

World War One in the Dolomites: Trekking in the wild Lagorai mountains

Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 LagoraiThe Lagorai mountains is a chain of great peaks of Porphir stone (vulcanic stone) into the Dolomites territory. the first world war was a natural line of the front from peak to peak in a medium hight of 2500-2700 m.

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